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            PE film washing,crushing and drying recycling line

            PE film washing crushing and recycling production line is specifically for a variety of sources of recovery of the film (including heavy pollutants) and the design of integrated recovery system. It is used for the crushing and cleaning of waste film to produce pure, dry, uniform size of the diaphragm. We provide a range of high-volume, high-efficiency film recovery solutions by carefully understanding the customer's production requirements and accurately planning and assembling a wide range of equipment. They can be used for a variety of daily or agricultural high-pollution film recycling.


            The brief introduction of PE film washing, crushing and recycling production line:

            1. The complete production line is used to crush, clean, dehydration, drying PP / PE film and PP woven bags.

            2. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, large capacity, low energy consumption, safety, reliability and so on.1111.jpg

            3. This complete production line is fully automatic control. It has a compact layout structure and high production efficiency.

            4. This production line is designed for PE/PP film and PP woven bags crushing, washing and drying. It can easily clean waste plastic woven bags, dirty agricultural film, waste packaging materials and hard plastic.2222.jpg

            5. The production line for cleaning and recycling PE / PP film, PP woven bags. It can coordinate follow-up procedures (granulation system), which can make garbage film and dirty PE / PP film, PP woven bag to generate new PE, PP film.


            A typical film washing, crushing and recycling line includes the following structures:

            1. Belt conveyor

            2. Crusher: With water crushing, make the film size reduced, while washing

            3. Screw loader: Transport material

            4. Pre-washing machine: Remove some grit and contaminants

            5. Friction washing loader: High-speed cleaning, knead materials and transport materials4444.jpg

            6.  Hot washing tank: Remove oil, chemical reagents, some contaminants and wash materials

            7. Screw loader: Transport material

            8. Washing tank: Remove chemical reagents, some contaminants and rinse material

            9. Screw loader: Transport material

            10. Horizontal centrifugal dewatering machine: dewater the film scraps

            11. Pipeline dryer: With hot air to dry and transport the film scraps

            12. Storage silo: Discharge port

            13. Electric cabinet: The control system of complete production line5555.jpg



            Installed power(KW)

            Covers an aream2


            Water consumptionm3/h