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            Marble stone plastic sheet production line

            The production line mainly uses natural stone powder and PVC as the main raw materials to produce various sheet, and then do water transfering and surface treatment processing into imitation marble Stone Sculpture sheet.Product lines lifelike in appearance, super wear-resistant, bright surface without sliding, and nontoxic, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, but also non-slip, waterproof, anti-fire and so on.We have Homogeneity through the heart and Compound style 2 mode.First one ismade of PVC and marble powder and additives,This sheet stain resistance, abrasion resistance is relatively poor, single color, poor dimensional stability, but it is  low prices is widely used.Stone Sculpture composite sheet has a multilayer structure, surface treated with UV, color layers, Stone Sculpture and base layer composed of a sheet abrasion resistance, stain resistance、Dimensional stability are better than first one,And the color is diverse, rich, it is the popular products in the market.

            1.The product has a shape, double-layer structure, not easily deformed, noise insulation, long life, color, size can be freely selected;

            2.Easy installation, smooth tight, non-stick oil, easy to clean, anti-oxidation, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic; waterproof, fireproof, anti-insect, durable;

            3.Suitable for homes, shopping malls, hotels, hotels, office decoration;

            4.Products meet environmental protection requirements,it is beneficial to human health.